FRANC, Fresenius Kabi Advanced Nutrition Conference, is organized at the headquarters of Fresenius Kabi in Bad Homburg (Germany) by the Business Units Parenteral Nutrition & Colloids and Enteral Nutrition & Ketosteril.

It is a clinically-oriented advanced conference in nutrition therapy including both lectures, case studies and workshops led by world-known specialists in the field of clinical nutrition.

The program of the Conference is elaborated in cooperation with chairmen who are carefully chosen for their high didactic and professional skills. The FRANCs have been organized since 1994. Delegates (usually 90- 100 people) are assigned by Market Companies of Fresenius Kabi.


Mission of the FRANCs:


  • To increase the knowledge about appropriate nutritional support in different clinical situations in the light of  most recent research.
  • To discuss practices in different countries to extend the knowledge.
  • To stimulate an international network between health care professionals.


For additional questions please contact your local Fresenius Kabi office.